Note: This product is may not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans. People with allergies will need to proceed with caution as JapanFunBox does not do custom boxes. 

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored, I paid for this box. 

JapanFunBox is a monthly food subscription box where you get a box full of treats straight from Japan every month. There are three sizes, Mini, Original and Family. The Mini comes with 5-7 items and costs $14.99 a month. The Original has 15-20 food items, 1 DIY kit and 1 special item which costs $32.99/month. The Family box has 25/30 items, 2 DIY kits, 2 special items and 1-2 premium quality noodles which cost $49.99/month. I ordered the Original box which I will be reviewing.

The Bad: While you can order once, it’s definitely a roundabout way to do so. There’s no option for a once off order so you have to accept the automatic renewal, pay for the month you’re expecting. Once you have done that (and it’s been confirmed), you have to go back and cancel the automatic renewal. This wouldn’t have stuck with me so much if there was a ‘once only’ option or a ‘non-automatic renewal’ option.

If you read my note above, you will know it doesn’t do custom box so if you have an allergy, you might end up with a product you can’t eat. So if you have any allergies that could be common in snacks, I would not recommend you buy this subscription box.

The Good: It has worldwide free shipping, rejoice for everyone that deals with expensive shipping! So you are only paying for the product with this subscription. As someone who would like to enjoy monthly box subscriptions (or try them at least once), shipping is a big deal for me. I looked around for a bit before deciding on JapanFunbox as that was the only subscription box I found with no shipping charges.

It also comes with a catalogue that tells you what is in your box which is nice. It does have a disclaimer that the items n the box and on the catalogue may be different. Fortunately for me, they matched up.

The Opinion-Based: I did not like most of the products in this box. So now I’ve got 8 out of 16 items I have no idea what to do with. To make things easier, I’m going to use the description from the catalogue and if I liked it or not.  The first six products were available in the Mini as well.

First on the list is the Super BIG ChocolateIt is described as a “mellow chocolate easily meltable in your mouth is poured on a soft snack. A moderate amount of small peanuts is blended with the chocolate. A BIG chocolate snack.” And its not using the word ‘big’ liberally, it’s actually a giant chocolate bar.

Despite its appealing nature, I did not like this chocolate at all. It reminded me of Hershey’s so I guess if you like Hershey’s, give this a try. If you are like me and don’t like Hershey’s, maybe skip it.

The second item is Juicy Color BallsIt is described as “Small and cute, colourful sugar-coated soda candy. You can enjoy 5 different flavours: grape (purple), melon (green), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), and strawberry (red).” This is actually one of the ones I liked, these Juicy Color Balls reminded me of Nerds except they were more chewy and soft. So if you enjoyed the Nerds candy, this is recommended if you ever find it in a shop near you. If you didn’t enjoy the Nerds candy, maybe skip it.

Next item is Pizza Potato chips, it’s potato chips that are pizza-flavoured. I did not like this one, I found the flavour to be too strong. If you are daring and don’t mind spending money on it, try. If you aren’t so daring (or do mind spending the money), maybe skip.

Popping Panic – Coke flavour is my next item. It’s like pop rocks, it’s basically pop rocks. I liked it. If you enjoy pop rocks, you will enjoy this. If you don’t enjoy pop rocks, you most likely won’t enjoy this.

Next are Umaibō and I got three flavours which were: Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) flavour, Teriyaki flavour and Salad flavor. Umaibō  is a puffed corn stick snack that is cylindrical. I tried all three flavours (despite not liking seafood) and I did not like one of them.

Kit Kat – Strawberry is the next item. I thought I would like this because I like kit kats and I like strawberry. But I apparently don’t like kit kats and strawberry together. It tasted like a kit kat with an overpowering sweetness. So if you really really enjoy sweet things, maybe give it a try. If you don’t, maybe don’t give it a try.

Flakes – Charred Soy Sauce“a corn flake snack with a selected balance of flavours and a distinct addicting flavour. The more you chew, the more flavours will spread in your mouth.” And boy, is that true. The first tasting was alright but then I made the mistake of chewing. I got an overwhelming amount of soy flavour that my tastebuds did not enjoy.

Suppaichu is a chew/gum (I’m really not sure, if anyone knows, please leave a comment!) that has a different texture. I did enjoy this, except for the part where I swallowed it and now I’m thinking it’s more gum than a chew. But it has a sort of hard centre but it’s really soft to chew. It’s quite difficult to describe so I will let its own description do it for me.

 Addicting flavour of a sweet and sour taste with a crispy texture that spreads in your mouth. It’s even more powerful with vitamin C and citric acid.” I did like Suppaichu, the crispy texture was a nice balance and I didn’t find the flavour to be overwhelming. Also, if you know if it’s a chewing candy or gum, please let me know down in the comments.

This is getting quite long so I’m just going to go through the rest of the products and say if I enjoyed it or not.

Wasabi Dried Seaweed & Mr. Vinegar Octopus.

Wasabi Dried Seaweed- “minced fish kneaded with dried seaweed and squid power.” I did not like this, I’m not a big fan of seafood, though so if you do enjoy seafood, you might enjoy this. Mr. Vinegar Octopus (similar to above) – I didn’t like this either but if you enjoy seafood, you might enjoy this.

Carrot – “Puffed grain snack…It is made by placing rice or grains under high pressure, and blowing it up by releasing it at once.” I didn’t mind this, probably won’t be my first choice of snack but I wouldn’t say no to it either. It’s in a bag shaped like a carrot.

Milky – It’s basically a hard milk chew. The candy’s quite cute and I enjoyed it. If you like milk chews and cute designs, you might like this.

Horn – This one is my favourite of the snacks. It’s similar to a wafer and I got a strawberry flavoured one. This is the packaging and what it looks like.  Like I said before, it reminds me of a wafer and the strawberry amount is just right. I really enjoyed this and it is definitely my favourite out of all the snacks.

Doraemon Bubble Gum – Apparently a soda flavoured bubble gum. It’s alright, it’s gum. It definitely has a soda flavoured fill so if you like soda-flavoured gum, you might like this.

Green Tea Sandwich Cookies – These are adorable and tiny cookies. It definitely tastes like green tea. I did enjoy this but it’s probably best in small doses.

DIY Kit – Let’s Make a Kid’s Lunch! – It contained powders that you mixed in water and place it on a mould to make fried prawn, omelette, chicken rice, etc. I did not enjoy this but I’m still not sure if I made it correctly.

The final item is a special item from the Snack Eraser line. I got what looked like a drink eraser that is red and had an octopus with crossed out eyes on it. I’m probably not right about it being a drink but I have no idea. I also don’t know whether or not the erasure actually works as I have misplaced it before I found a pencil to test with. It’s a fun shape.

Overall: If you are looking to try a subscription food box, I would recommend JapanFunBox as it does have free shipping worldwide (and it ships to over 100 countries). So I think it’s worth checking out if you want to try out subscription food boxes. I did find it was the cheapest food subscription boxes overall.

I probably won’t buy  this again as I didn’t like most of the items but I did enjoy testing them out. I think it’s worth a one-off chance to try, and hey, you might even find a new favourite treat (mine is now the Horn, I really did enjoy those). I think in this case, it really depends if you are okay spending the amount for snacks you may not like.

Now, this is finally wrapped up. My next review will be on a fiction book, I haven’t decided what book I’m reviewing but it will be fiction. So I guess my next review will be a little surprise for you.


Until next review,





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