Welcome to my site! My posts are mostly going to be reviews of products (any products, makeup, games, books, clothes, movies, dog toys, etc). I’m going to give you the good parts of the products, the bad parts and any parts that are more opinion-orientated. The opinion-based will include the price as I think whether or not something is ‘cheap’, ‘expensive’ or ‘average’ changes person to person. Not to mention the fact that prices can change and it’s best to just put the price in the opinion-based section.

None of the reviews is sponsored, I had paid for these products or they have been given to me by a family member as a gift. If I do get a sponsored product one day, I will tell you it is sponsored but my reviewing will not change.

At the end of each post, I will have a ‘Next Review’ which will either list the name of the product I’m reviewing or what type fo product I’m reviewing. Since I’m Australian, all sizes and prices will be the Australian version.

Now, the introduction is out of the way, let’s get the first review under way. Which is a dog toy called Sling Ball. It’s a twisted rope toy with two knots at the end. In between these knots is a tennis ball.

I bought this toy at my local RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Please note that the toy I bought was a size smaller 

I bought this toy as my dog is a rapid chewer (he’s been through pillowcases, sheets, clothes, screens) I actually bought the Sling Ball at the beginning of this year and it is still in one piece.

The Bad:

I bought a small size in this toy as my dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s got a small mouth and even with the small size, he has some trouble grabbing the toy. If I had gone with the extra small size, the toy would have been too small for him and be a risk for choking.

The Good:

I actually bought this toy around January/February and it’s still in one piece so it is definitely durable. This is always a plus for dogs that just love to chew since you can easily go through a lot of toys in a week. The tennis ball gives more variation than if it was just a plain rope toy. It also allows for a slight bounce if you throw it due to the tennis ball.

Opinion Based: I got this product for just under $10 (Australian Dollars) at RSPCA which is a non-profit based organisation. Generally, their prices tend to be higher due to this. I haven’t found a wide variety of colours but colours aren’t really an important factor for me.

Result: I would definitely recommend this product if you have a dog that adores to chew anything and everything. It’s definitely worth a try. The only thing I really have an issue is with the sizes but I don’t think it’s enough to not give it a go.

Next Review: Japanfunbox – a monthly subscription food box that sends you some lovely (and some not-so-lovely) food items from Japan. Since it’s a food product, the review will mostly be opinion-orientated.

Until Next Review,



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